Updates to the tracker will be displayed here.

v2.5: Mostly visual changes: utilising Google Sheets Themes (Format > Theme); adding the year by month views on the FI tab. Click here for the older v2.0

v2.0: A lot of minor updates (too many to list), including a visual overhaul! Also, by popular request, I've provided a short guide in the sheet.

Click here for the older v1.6

v1.6: Cleaned up the FI tab and improved the Investment tab layout a little.

v1.5: Given the sheet a lick of paint (you're now updating the light grey cells, not white). Moved the yearly overview to a separate tab (most of this is automated, but you might need to tweak a couple of columns). Added a new "Scenarios" tab, which provides 6 scenarios to compare outcomes. Simply edit the left most column for each scenario, allowing you to change the cost of rent, living expenses, sale of house, etc. The "Scenarios" graphs are added to the bottom of the "FI" tab. You could use this as a starting ground for your own interpretations (if you have a simpler way to offer the same outcome, I'd love to hear from you). Click here for the older v1.5

v1.41: Fixed the "Reference Year" on the FI tab. Amending this will now correctly use the selected year's Savings and Spending, to provide your FI number. Click here for the older v1.41

v1.4: Transposed the income and outgoing tabs, allowing for ongoing entries, rather than making a new copy of the sheet for each new year. Added year review data in the FI tab. Automated pension, income and expenses entries in the NW tab, pulling from IN and OUT tabs (one less thing to manually enter). Added a waterfall chart in the Invest tab, providing a look at monthly gains/losses. If you are not a fan of the changes, v1.3 is still available below.

v1.3: Cleaned up and simplified input fields in Expat tab. Click here for v1.3

v1.2: Added "Necessary Expenses covered by Investments" to the FI tab. Removed Crypto Currency tracking in the Invest tab, due to repeated bugs. Will reintroduce if and when a simpler solution is found.