Financial Independence SPreadsheet

Monitor your progress to Financial Independence

No need to spend hours tracking your net worth

With your own copy of this spreadsheet, you too can easily manage your progress to Financial Independence.

Financial Independence

Track your progress towards Financial Independence with automated calculations, data visualisation, long and short term goals and multiple useful data points. Add flexibility by including or excluding equity, and by using the current years spending as a budget or manually set your own.

Net Worth

Track your net worth each month, savings rate, safe withdrawal amounts, according to your defined Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR), running % towards Financial Independence and much more.

Income & Expenses

Delve into the details of your total income with pension contributions and match, taxes and savings rate. See how your average monthly spending matches against your budget and highlight the top offending categories.


Keep on top of your investments with live updated share prices, comparisons to your target investment allocations, P&L and portfolio growth.

Mortgage Tracker

Automatically track your running mortgage payments, principal payments and equity.


Using a Cost of Living Index see which cities around the World your current and target Safe Withdrawal Rate will allow you to retire in today.